Worthing Village: WW1 Commemoration -September Bulletin

Preparations for the Worthing Village WW1 Exhibition and Remembrance Day Service continue apace but this does not mean that your help and input as a Worthing resident is not required. Once again, we would exhort you to come forward with any WW1 artefacts you may have in your possession, or any family stories you may have to tell. Just contact Celia on 01362 668928 or David on 01362 668931 who can help and advise on how these can be used in the Exhibition and/or the Remembrance Day Service.

Volunteers are also required to be in attendance during the Exhibition at the church. Just let Celia or David know when and for how long you could assist in this regard and they will do their best to fit in with your normal routines.

“Flanders Field” by Jenni Thornely
Flanders Field

This Commissioned picture 21in x 17in when framed, entitled “Flanders Field” , donated by Worthing artist Jenni Thorneley is to be the raffle prize for the Worthing WW1 Exhibition. All monies raised will be donated to three charities linked with WW1.





The iconic painting shown below entitled “Gassed” by John Singer Sargent depicting blinded soldiers holding on to the man in front to find their way, dramatically sums up the horrors experienced by soldiers during WW1.

Gassed bt John Singer Sargent

Did You Know:
When The Duke of York married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later to become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) before leaving Westminster Abbey following the marriage ceremony, the bride paused at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier and laid her wedding bouquet on the Tomb to honour her brother who had been killed during WW1 and that since that time all Royal brides have similarly placed their bridal bouquets on the Tomb.

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