Hoe Common WP4

On Sunday 15th a number of local stalwarts, plus two enthusiasts from Kings Lynn, led by Neil & wife from the Hawk & Owl Trust spent the morning continuing to remove trees and bushes from the middle of the common. Their removal is in readiness for the scraping away of the bracken laden topsoil in 2014 to allow the regeneration of the heather.

As usual everyone enjoyed the opportunity to play with fire and catch up on local and world events; coming away with warm glows from inside and out (the latter due to standing too close to the flames). Unfortunately what little weight should have been shed from the hard work was nullified by the home cooked goodies, provided by Sue Malt, together with the acres of mince pies.

A well earned break (nice barrow!)

Dominic feeding the fire when Robin wasn’t looking.

Neil hard at it (if you look closely you canĀ  just make out the high heels!)

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