Parish Mtg Minutes; May 2019

Parish Mtg Minutes; 14 May 2019

Points of note in the report were that the Precept would remain at £1800; an amount of £3494 in match funding had been received for the roof repairs; a World War I Memorial grant had been received and put towards the cost of a plaque to commemorate the fallen from both Hoe and Worthing. The accounts show three amounts of £325 donations to the churches but it was noted that this was because one cheque of £325 from the prior year had not been cashed.

Since there were no further questions regarding the accounts, they were proposed by Trevor Wood for adoption, and seconded by Phil Cane.

  1. Election of Officers

As nobody had put themselves forward as Chairman to take over the role from Trevor Wood, Bill Borrett nominated James Keith as his successor. This was seconded by John Tuckwell. Sue Malt challenged the nomination as she felt that there may be a conflict of interest with James Keith’s other role as Church Warden of St Andrews Church. 18 were in favour of the nomination of James Keith as Chairman, 3 were against, therefore the proposal was carried.

In his new role as Chairman, James Keith suggested that it may be pertinent to accept help from other residents to fulfil his role effectively and asked if others would take on more responsibility. To this end, Mike Mullins put himself forward as Vice Chairman. This was proposed by Dick Malt and seconded by Simon Brock. Unanimous.

It was proposed that the Planning Committee for Hoe should now consist of Dick Malt, Margaret Barrett, James Sayer and Harry Witcher. This was proposed by Philip Strougler and seconded by Jane Witcher. The Planning Committee for Worthing would remain as Celia Daniel, Mike Mullins, Danny Danson and Alan Hughes. This was proposed by Phil Cane and seconded by James Sayer. Both proposals were unanimous.

It was proposed that Jane Witcher is elected as Treasurer. Proposed by Bill Borrett and seconded by Krystyna Strougler. Unanimous.

5. Change of Parish Name

The Chairman brought it to the attention of the meeting that although we always refer to the Parish of Hoe and Worthing, it is officially known on Council records as the Parish of Hoe. It was proposed at the meeting to formally change the name to Hoe and Worthing Parish. This was proposed by Glenys Watling and seconded by Harry Witcher. Unanimous.

  1. Report from Local Groups

Carl Watling updated the meeting on the Events Committee. The Sharpen Up event held just before Easter had been very successful and now the Events Committee hope to take the next step and hold a Repair Café on 1st September. This event will take on a similar format to the Sharpen Up event but it is hoped to appeal to a wider audience. Accordingly, Carl Watling appealed to the meeting for anyone to come forward who may have relevant skills for the Repair Café. It was further noted that the Repair Café is a national organisation and an amount of 49 Euros is required to purchase the licence and the necessary publicity materials. Carl Watling proposed the purchase of the 49 Euro licence fee, Trevor Wood seconded it. Unanimous.

There will also be another quiz on 5th July 2019. This will be held outdoors and there will be a barbecue.

Finally, the Events Committee had made application for 150 saplings to replace some of the trees in the villages and the common. There will be a special event in the Autumn for the planting of the saplings.

The Chairman congratulated the Events Committee on their successes.

Sue Malt commended the Hall Management Group report to the meeting. It was noted that the cost of the new roof had been made possible through a 50/50 grant. Her concern is that this has left the funds sadly depleted for further refurbishment projects, including patio doors, floor repairs, and insulation. She felt that further discussions need to be held at the next Finance meeting to explore whether the Management Group should be set up as a small charity. Roger Atterwill suggested that another matter that should be discussed at the Finance meeting is whether the precept money can legally be given to the churches. The chairman indicated the matter had previously been discussed at some length and it had been hoped the Taylor report to Parliament would clarify the position; unfortunately this remains ambiguous and unresolved.

  1. Chairman’s Report

Planning. It was noted that there had been no objection to planning proposals at Hillside, Worthing and the rifle range at Corners Nursery, Hoe; both were approved. The parish had objected to conversion of a metal building to a dwelling at the railway crossing which was refused. Further objections were raised to conversion of a building at Woodland Farm and for four new dwellings on land around Topfields in Fakenham Road; both of these matter had gone to appeal and were dismissed.

The chairman informed the meeting that he had applied himself for consent to build in the former gravel pit at his home, the plans that were prepared some months ago had just been validated and come out to the parish for a response. The chairmen had passed this to the planning committee to determine whether the issue should be decided this evening by the parish meeting but the view was there was insufficient time to prepare everything and it would be decided by the committee in due course.

Highways Issues. The danger of speeding vehicles on the B1146 (Holt Road) had been discussed at previous meetings. However, it was noted that the County Council have finally agreed to impose a speed limit on this stretch of road as part of a scheme to improve the limit leading into Dereham. This was met by great enthusiasm.

Finally, the Chairman thanked everyone for their support throughout his 10 year appointment as Chairman.

Bill Borrett proposed a formal vote of thanks on behalf of everyone to Trevor Wood and Margaret Barrett for their dedication as Chairman and Treasurer respectively. Unanimous.

The next meeting will be held in October 2019.




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